A Natural Life
Program Note

for Piano Solo with Recorded Nature Sounds and Projected Images within a Frame  (2005)

(Recorded 'live' at the Yamaha Piano Salon in New York City on January 14, 2008; the recorded sounds were projected through built-in speakers in the ceiling.)

The musical score is divided into two books, from which twelve movements are selected. Movements are derived from the names of various naturalists that have had a significant impact on human culture throughout history. Musical expressions are shaped by the player according to biographical references of the naturalists, and in subtle response to recorded nature sounds. 

The selected naturalists in this recording are Pliny the Elder, Carolus Linnaeus, John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed), John J. Audubon, Charles Darwin, Henry Thoreau, John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, Edward (Doc) Ricketts, Rachel Carson, Edward (E.O.) Wilson, Jane Goodall.

The recorded sounds and projected images of animals, insects, birds, marine life, fungi, plants, trees, and microorganisms have been sampled from around the world, and are collectively representative of the Five Kingdoms of life (Prokaryotes [Archea], Eukaryotes, Fungi, Plants, Animals).