Excerpt from Caprice
5 Short Texts for Speaking Voice


If you believe that the mind and brain are separate, raise your right hand.

If you dream in color, raise your hand.

If you imagine that exotic relationships occur at the scale of atoms and quarks, raise your left hand.

If you have observed that sounds tend to appear louder at or around the frequency of the human voice, clear your throat.

If you believe that extraterrestrial beings live on the planet Earth, raise your hand.

If you believe that synchronicity and resonance occur at every order of magnitude and scale, raise your hand.

If you doubt that extraterrestrial beings have visited the planet earth, look down at the floor.

If you are left-handed, imagine raising your right hand.

If you have at some time looked through an observatory telescope, or an electron microscope,

If you have never traveled out of the country,

If you are ambidextrous, or

If you know where you are in relation to the center of our galaxy, gently rub an elbow, or move your foot imperceptibly.

If you get out of bed on the right side, or

If you have ever taken a lie-detector test, don't do anything.

If you know where you are in relation to the optical limit of the universe, blink your eyes.

If you believe that there are humans living on the Earth who are thousands of years old, turn your head.

If you don't drive a car,

If you see a stranger in the room who looks like somebody you know,

If you don't own a television, or

If you have never seen the movie 'Gone With The Wind', imagine the moment in time when humans first spoke aloud.

If you are introverted, look down at your shoes.

If your last name or names contain the name or names of both of your parents, or

If you know a celebrity or someone who is famous, shout something.

Stand-up or say 'I', if you are self-conscious in most social situations.

If you have to cough, try and suppress it.

If you are a chronic liar, look up at the ceiling.

If you believe that the shell of a snail, or the scroll of a violin is the same shape as your inner ear, shut your eyes, and imagine that you are a small creature, spinning slowly in a counterclockwise direction, while translating through space at supersonic speed.