Organon (1979)
remixed in 2007 from the vinyl recording Music from a Small Planet

(analog sequencing device, electronic sounds)

The original analog sequences (repetitious background pattern) were derived from a method of composition modeled after the biological process of self-regeneration (multiplication by division). A single musical pattern, made-up of a finite number of sounds, was generated electronically and then copied repeatedly onto a single audio track.

The number of recorded channels increases at an exponential rate (2, 4, 8, 16…) as the copying process evolves, while the number of generations in the final recording is determined by the overall ‘resonant’ qualities obtained from the growth-rate of each succeeding generation.

In these analog sequences, there are slight interruptions at randomly-timed intervals. Each of these alterations occurs in the initial generation only, and begin to take shape overall over the course of evolving generations.

Electronic sounds were later mixed with the analog sequences.