Sound Waves in Various Media
Sound Waves and their Properites in Surrounding Media

Sound Waves in Various Media

Acoustic wave motions occur in gas, liquids, organic and inorganic solids, in plasmas and superconductors, and in the interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic media.

Acoustic waves in the surrounding media oscillate at frequencies which range from billions of cycles per second, to a single cycle within a period of several days, months, or years. Acoustic waves propagate at speeds ranging from subsonic speeds of several feet per second, to hypersonic speeds which approach the speed of light.

The detectable range of sound extends from microacoustic waves produced by fluctuations of the trapped particles within a sound field, to macroacoustic wave disturbances including seismic waves, global waves, solar waves, and galactic waves.

Various sound waves are propagated in the Earth's atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, and lithosphere, as well as on or near other planetary bodies and satellites, in stars and galaxies, in the solar wind, and in interstellar dust clouds.