Strategies for Survival Program & Notes
Strategies for Survival


Saturday April 1  2006  11:30 am
Pozen Center  Massachusetts College of Art  Boston

Strategies for Survival
for Speaking Voice and Complementary Music

1. Lingua Franca Nos. 1 - 4  (2004) 12:35
Strategies for Survival (Part 1)

2. Songbirds of Europe and North America  (2004) 5:24
Strategies for Survival (Part 2)

3. Musik Antique  (2005) 3:57
Strategies for Survival (Part 3)

4. Primitive Voices  (2005) 5:07
Strategies for Survival (Part 4)

5. Gameland (2005) 3:00

(Duration is 60 minutes)

Program Notes

Strategies for Survival was written as a performance text to be spoken aloud between the presentation of five recorded and/or 'live' musical pieces. There are four sections of text. In this performance, each section is preceded by a musical recording. A fifth recording is played following the last text.

The content of the text reflects aspects of culture, science, and art. Within the text, I have referenced authors of various theories, papers, and books. Some of the shorter statements have been extracted on-line from

Recorded audio pieces, known collectively as Digital Reconstructions, were composed from samples borrowed from the earliest known music, and from 20th and 21st century music and sound, reconstructed to accommodate my own requirements.

Gameland (2005)

(samples include sounds that emulate the sound capabilities of the Nintendo Entertainment System)

The music consists of seven recorded tracks. Initially, each track contained Nintendo samples arranged according to wave category. The samples on each track were then recombined, independently of one another, and of other tracks, and separated by varied durations of silence. Volume envelopes were placed on each sample. Finally, tracks and samples were processed digitally.