Excerpt from The True or False No. 7
from 9 short Texts for Speaking Voice

True or False No. 7

Moveable type first appeared in China in the eleventh century. True or False?
Human behavior is based on genetic and cultural codes, both of which follow Darwinian laws of natural selection. True or False?
Since human ears are made mostly of cartilage, they tend to get bigger with age. True or False?
Humans visualize when they listen to music probably because the auditory cortex was modeled after the visual cortex. True or False?
Singing and speech evolved independently. True or False?
Writing and speech evolved independently. True or False?
Music and Art are related to functional descriptions of the brain as much as to social and cultural patterns. True or False?
By definition, anything which is organic involves the process of self-replication and mutation. True or False?
The first person to chart the Atlantic Gulf Stream was Benjamin Franklin. True or False?